Your one-time donation or recurring donation to the church in Fort Worth is greatly appreciated. Use the dropdown menu to designate your donation or "Add a note". Undesignated funds are used to meet the general needs of the church. A fee of 2.2%+0.30c is charged per transactions when using credit/debit cards; example: $100 donation made, church receives $97.50. (Phil 1:5).

Personal PayPal account:  send to and choose the “Sending to a Friend” option (only works when the transaction is initiated through your own PayPal Acct. linked to your bank); no fee is charged using this option.

Mail a check: Payable to “the church in Fort Worth”. Don’t forget to enter a “memo” to designate usage. As per IRS rules, designations to individual saints cannot be made and the check will need to be returned.

Church in Fort Worth

PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF): No fees; donation receipt from PayPal; General Offerings only.