All meetings are held via Zoom or phone; the meeting hall is closed until further notice.

A decision has been made to not hold any meetings in our building until further notice, we will use technology to help us continue our meeting together under these circumstances.

CONNECT WITH OTHER SAINTS – We encourage your family to fellowship and sing together in your home. We also encourage the mutual fellowship with one another by telephone calls, conference calls and video conferencing (both small and larger groups, and by language groups). These calls can be made spontaneously or at mutually agreed upon times, without set length requirements. Calls could also be made to those you haven’t personally talked with recently. We hope that everyone in all the homes stay connected with others, bearing one another’s burdens and comforting one another with the Word of God.

We will use for video conferencing. It is a media that we are not familiar with and meeting this way may seem uncomfortable at first. However, the more we use it during the next few weeks, the more comfortable it will become. We will have English and Spanish grouping (rooms) as needed. No camera is needed, or you could not turn the camera on, however comfortable you are. If needed ask for assistance from us to help set up. We hope that we can be all together soon in person once again.

We will have a video conference using Zoom on Wednesday night at 7:30PM for prayer. We plan to have this where we can pray in English or in Spanish rooms.

We will have a video conference using Zoom on the Lord’s Day at 10:00 AM for singing, praying, sharing from the ministry. We plan to have some of this time all together and some in English and Spanish rooms.

Our church announcements will be sent out with the telephone conference call number(s) and our video conference ID through the “Church Announcements” chat on WhatsApp.

If you are searching for Christian fellowship and haven’t met with us in the past and would like to join in, use the “Contact us” link above and we will help you get connected with us.