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Helpful Links

Living Stream Ministry (LSM) Bookstore Direct Mail Services allows you to automatically receive new publications (at a 30% discount).  Download the form and mail it to Living Stream Ministry along with the initial deposit.  Select:  English   Español makes hundreds of online books by Watchman Nee and Witness Lee available for online reading.

Christian Websites is a non-profit directory of many Christ-centered websites developed by Christians meeting in the local churches.

The Local Churches locator allows you to find any local church around the world.

The Bible Tells Me So is a website with songs, activities, crafts

-LSM Conference & Training Information

-LSM Webcast (i.e. Memorial Day Conf.; Thanksgiving Conf.)

-LSM Webcast Video Training (i.e. Summer; Winter)


A timely speaking are messages posted by LSM given by Brother Witness Lee that are just as fresh and relevant today as they were back then.


Dallas-Fort Worth MetroplexYP and Metroplex Blending Conferences

Spiritual supporting videos

The Lord’s move to Europe, Russia and Israel

The Lord’s move to Africa

The Lord’s Move to Asia

Gospelize, Truthize, Churchize America

Testimonial from the United States Congress regarding Watchman Nee and Witness Lee

An open letter of testimony from many respected Christians concerning the local church, including Fuller Theological Seminary, J. Gordon Melton, Ph.D. and others:

A report on the Ukrainian refugees in Gut Elim, Germany (March, 2022); and other messages regarding Ukraine

2022 South Central US YP Conference Video for Ukraine

Our Meetings: Upcoming Events
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